What does mean Co-Creation?

Nothing stay the same, and in the last years new ways of making business emerged, where the relationship with the customer is the focus of all the companies. This new way to think bring to live the idea of co-creation. But what really means co-creation?

This new concept is about relationship and trust, and how companies involve their customers in their innovation process.

The Co-creation concept can be apply to different escenarios, and from the company view, it can be define as a collaborative exercise where brands and customers work together to reach different purposes like communications strategies, design of new products, create brand experience, etc.

In the co-creation process, the ideas of the people are fed back by the brand. This exercise generates mutual collaboration between the two parties to achieve a profitable and final result  for both parts.

When we decide to use the co-creation as part of our strategy, the first thing that we need to do is to to stablished our prime objective. This objective could be give a solution to a problem, create a new product, design a new store, etc, because the purpose of this co-creation is to bring up a tangible idea, that can be carried out  and benefits the brand and the consumers.

Now-a-day, a lot of companies are using this strategy to involve the customer and generate trust and relationship, because “the customer is the company” (Chafkin 2008). Brands like Volvo, Heineken and Nivea, started using the co-creation to define their goals (align with the customers goals) and to create customer experience.

Co creation

Click the next link to check a Video about Co-creation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcVHU1HwyQ4

Do you have any interesting example of Co-creation that was a total success?





2 thoughts on “What does mean Co-Creation?

  1. Hi Paola,
    I think the concept of “co-creation” is more about “What is marketing’s contemporary role”. Marketing is an enabler of value creation rather than a distributor of value that was created by a product. In addition, marketing practice must get beyond notions of value being transferred to customers during purchase to value being created with customers in the context of use. I think this is what do you mean by “co-creation” and “customer engagement”.


  2. Hi Paola,

    Just a thought, does co-creation have to be with consumers only? I think businesses should look at co-creation from a wider view to include other stakeholders such as suppliers, employees, distributors, NGOs and regulators. For example co-creation with suppliers can be a great way of reducing costs and improving the efficiency of existing products or services. What do you think?


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