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Chiara.jpegThe most appropriate person that can show us how profitable fashion blogging can be is Chiara Ferrangi, the most well paid fashion blogger in the world. This woman transformed her name into a brand that generates an income of 12 millions USD yearly.  But how does this kind of business work?

Being a fashion blogger is not as easy as we may think. The “bloggers” work with a profesional team which include make up artists, stylists, photographers and community managers, just to nominate a few. They need this support team, because as I mentioned before, a “blogger” is a brand, and as one, they have to take care of their internal and external image: they need to attract “fans” and also other brands that want them for their campaigns.

The engine of this profitable business is social media, particularly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These platforms give the visibility that these “bloggers” need to get fans; and severals brands realised that through them they can influence the consumers’ behaviour and also will be closer to their customers.

The “bloggers”, or more accurately described in these days as “influencers”, need to generate traffic and they have to engage followers though


social media if they want to succeed, because if they do not accumulate the required numbers, they will not be able to catch the attention of any brand and it will not be profitable.

What do you think will be the characteristic that this “blogger- influencer” will need to develop in order to succeed in this fashion business? Would you change your current life in order to be one?




One thought on “Fashion Blogger

  1. Fashion bloggers must pay attention on the market then and what you target audience’s interest. Also good perception of fashion, photo, videos and colors. They share their moment as it happens. It is glamorous but hiigh-intensity work. Not everyone can be a blogger-influencer even you try hard, many elements will impact.


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